Glass Scrap

Glass is a unique material and glass scrap can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Glass has a hazard class IV and its dumping in a landfill greatly violates the region’s ecosystem. LEADER GLASS actively develops glass recycling in the Siberian region – supplies to the factories different types of float glass scrap and bottles glass scrap :

  • Scrap transparent float glass
  • Scrap different types of float glass
  • Scrap transparent bottles
  • Scrap brown bottles
  • Scrap green bottles

LEADER GLASS is also engaged in the recycling of special types of glass such as mirror, laminated glass ( triplex), energy-saving glass, coated glass, back-colored glass, decorative glass. As a result of processing the cleared transparent scrap suitable for further use turns out.

In 2018, the LEADER GLASS received a patent for a unique way of recycling all types of glass and today for the company is an important and promising direction.